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Mythbuster – Apologies – Toeguards

October 20, 2011

Since Sock Monkey has not been sighted on her blog for almost a year, she was presumed to have been a mythical creature. A fairy tale. A figment of the webs imagination… you get the idea.

I’m here to disprove these heinous myths. Sock Monkey is here. She’s back. She’s real. It’s ME!! I’m back.

So, apologies are now in order. I’m sorry. -that was easier than I thought it would be.- I’m sorry. I’ve had something called life happen to me. I have no real excuses, and mostly just felt like blogging was a happy thing, but wasn’t feeling über happy, so I didn’t blog. I know, I know, blogs dont care if you are happy or not, but I tend to internalize most unhappy things, so bloggy gets shafted.

Now that that’s out of the way… Here’s a quick rundown of the last 9 months!! Ready. Set. GOO!!!!!

Last blog was about my birthday- great gear bag present. I still have the Zuca bag. Still LOVE it! It holds everything derby related, performs well, and is just lovely. I have found a new found love for the light up wheels. Practice has been mostly at night time and it helps light up my life (yes I went there). I’ve not had to repair, wash, adjust anything on said bag. It’s just perfect.

February, I attended a boot camp in the Corpus Christi area of Texas. It was put on by Blood and Thunder Magazine. It was 4 days of epic derby-ness. I have a notebook full of notes from classes I took in this intensive 9a-9p no holding back booty kicking. Some of the teachers were Ziv Kruger (coach/photographer), LuLuDemon, Smarty Pants, Bonnie D.Stroier, and soooo many more super heroes of derby. After I got over my star struck brain, I absorbed as much information as I could. I attended classes from footwork, strategy, coaching, league management, sports visualization, drills, and many many scenario style scrills. They held try outs for Team USA. I did not try out. I suck way too bad to even be the water girl on Team USA…hehe. I did have the opportunity to meet derby peeps from all over the country and world!! It was super neat making friends and skating with girls from so many different styles of game play. We were placed on teams and we had a full on bout on one of the days. It was super fun! I was on team Blood. We lost. But it was amazing skating with some world class girls and bonnie was my coach. ❤

March was a weird month. I was very frustrated with derby. I came back pumped from BC and had so much to share. I guess, it equates with going on vacation and coming back to normal life and no one really shares your enthusiasm for life. There was a bit of league drama happening which made me even less happy with derby. I kept at it, but only because I was determined not to quit because of a rough patch.

April happened. Early April, my husband was laid off of his job. A job that we had relocated our lives for only a year and a half prior. The town we were living in, had no job prospects in his field of work so we were posed with the challenge of finding a new job, a new city, a new life. I LOVE change. I love moving and experiencing new things, people. I love to learn about new cities/states/regions. I really find the challenge quite interesting. It’s exhausting though. Especially when you didn’t decide on the timing of it. At any rate, it was inevitable at this point. I KNEW we had to relocate and leave our friends, derby, life and exchange it for another. This caused a little bit of stress, so I went into an active retired status with my league.

Early May my hubby found a job in Charlotte, NC. (3day drive from our TX town) Went back to derby for a month.Then we packed up, said our goodbyes. By the end of May we were driving up to our new rental home (found on craigslist). It was like a surprise walking in for the first time… sooo- pretty much moved in and found that our little house is perfect. Our new town was perfect. Derby- As soon as I had a hunch that I was moving to Charlotte, I looked up derby leagues in the area. The Charlotte Roller Girls were an active league right there in CHARLOTTE!! YAY! I was super excited to join, as soon as I arrived. Reality kinda hit me a bit hard though. I had to settle in. I had to unpack. I had to make sure my kids were ok. I had to learn how to drive to the grocery store. Find a church. Enroll the kids in school. Find doctors. And so on. Bleh…

June and July went by quickly  with a few road trips. Early June to Florida for my baby sister’s graduation then to Chattanooga for an engagement party, July to Florida for my brother’s wedding (epic) and then to Maryland for a summer MX race and quick trip to DC (smithsonian). Stuck a couple camping trips in there too and before I knew it, it was mid August.

August went by in a blurrrrr…. getting kids ready for school (shopping, doc apts, squeezing fun out of summer).

September I decided, enough was enough. I’m going to join derby before I forget how to skate. I gained 12lbs over the summer and lost ALL of my endurance. I was not happy. Late September I attended a little get together with the derby girls at a cute french bakery. I got to know a few of the ‘grannies’ and got some of my questions answered. I was pumped. I went to the next available practice.

First week in October I attended a Sunday morning practice. Endurance. Ouch. I thought I was going to die. For. Real. It was crazy. We started it off skates. Jogging in pace lines. I was sure I was going to die. After what seemed like an eternity of off skates slow death workout, we got our skates on. At this point I could barely feel my legs and my lungs were on fire as my head swam. I was NOT going to give up. I worked too hard for too long to give up. I had jelly legs and pretty sure I passed out a few times but I did it. I DID IT! For. Real. The next morning, I couldn’t move. I seriously thought maybe I was paralyzed. Ok well, maybe not seriously. I was sore. My muscles were upset with me. I told my legs, back, arms, and brain that I was not a quitter and that I was going to hobble around the house until practice that night, then I was going to let my booty get kicked again, and again, and again. That worked until I had to go to the bathroom. I couldn’t get off the toilet. I was stuck. I’m not going to go into how I got off… it was funny just be sure of that. hehe I’m sure derby girls can relate. 😛 I attended 4 practices that week. By the end of that week I felt good. Really good. I had my bearings about me. My brain was remembering things. It was fantastic. Since then I’ve been to a few practices every week this month. I’m still not where I was when I left Texas. I can’t wait to get to that point again. My endurance is shot. I’m working on it though. 🙂

More to come…  until then- enjoy this photo of my beat up skates. I’m thinking new toe guards are on my christmas list this year. 😀

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