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Happy Birthday to MEEE!!!

January 17, 2011

For my 29th birthday… this year, I asked for lots of dreamy derby stuff. Back on planet earth, my list consisted of a skate bag, bearings, and the new derby game for Wii. Of course, since I am an adult and have a job, I am getting everything on my list (being grown up is fun sometimes!).

I’ve been using a JanSport backpack for my derby gear since the day I started almost ONE YEAR AGO!! (Still cant believe it’s almost been a year!!) The backpack worked ok, it was the only thing I had handy that could keep all of my pads and sundry in one accessible place. Two things I did not like about my back pack. First, my skates didn’t fit in it. So everywhere I went, backpack went on my back, then my skates in my arms… this created problems for me when I needed to use two hands to do something or dig something out of my bag on the fly. Second thing I did not like about my back pack, was that it would swing off of my shoulder violently if I it was on one shoulder. Sure I can fix that by putting it on both shoulders, but I never did (or rarely did). The swinging of the bag usually hit something on it’s way down, sometimes people, sometimes my cat, sometimes just myself. Ok, I know I should be able to live with these two annoying features of back pack versus my new bag, but sue me, I skate three times a week and I just want something that works!!!

Since I decided to get a new bag, I knew kind of what I wanted. My requirements were: bag must carry skates and gear, bag must be easy to transport (nothing massive or odd shaped), and it needs to look kinda cool (or easily customizable). So on my way, I payed extra attention to all derby girls I came in contact with. Some girls had hard cases that you carry with one hand, some had duffel bags, others had rolling bags, and the list goes on. I searched derby gear sites for bags, not too many options there. I also designed my own and looked into what the cost comparison would be to make exactly what I wanted (not cheap!). In designing my own bag, however, I did pinpoint my favorite features that I really just was not ready to compromise on.

My favorite bag, and a favorite among ice skaters, was the ZUCA Sport bag. Riedell and Zuca got together and marketed these bags to skaters. I liked it even more when I visited the Zuca website and saw how many options they had as far as colors go!!

Basic great attributes of the Zuca bag are:

-light up quad wheels (easy rolling up stairs)

-strong and durable metal frame

-telescoping handle

-lots of pockets inside and out for odds and ends

-super awesome water resistant fabric colors/options

-built in seat (yes, sometimes its no fun sitting on the floor!)

-totally rad logo (compliments my nook)

-tight turning radius

When I received this glorious package today from UPS, I was a little concerned. I had read up on the dimensions and skater reviews. I even knew first hand of two people who had the bag. I expected it to be bigger?! I got nervous! I emptied my derby back back and freaked… after throwing out all the trash and collecting the pennies that were rolling around the bottom, I started to wonder where on earth I was going to fit all of this gear!!

For illustrative purposes, and to ease any of your worries if you are considering a Zuca Sport, I’ve emptied my perfectly packed new bag and photographed the contents. (just so you can get an idea of what can actually go into this puppy!

To be totally honest, I did keep somethings that were in my back pack out of the new bag. Multiple chap sticks, 2(out of 4) extra skate laces, 2(out of 4) mouth guards, scissors(replaced it with my pocket knife), a pencil(still have a pen), an extra tshirt, extra ankle brace, extra elbow brace, and some old bout programs. I think this is just decluttering after a year of derby… but honestly had to state it. 😀

Here’s what’s in the bag now:
Knee Pads
Elbow Pads
Wrist Guards
Knee Gaskets
Ankle Brace
Skate Tool
Bearing Oil
Wet Ones
Travel Tissues
Extra Skate Laces
Athletic Tape
Bunion Cushion
Handbills (for our next bout)
2 Mouth-guards
IcyHot (roll on)
Travel Sized Tylenol
Chap Stick
Travel Sized Deodorant
Tampon (you never know!)
Mole Skin
Duct Tape (purple)
DogTags a derby sista made for me
Little Monkey a derby sista gave me
(not pictured) pocket knife, bandanna, and extra tshirt

It’s really a great bag, now that I’ve put it all together. It all fits!!! My skates fit at the bottom of the large opening. I do have to stagger the wheels. I imagine that if I had the G-Rod slims they’d fit side by side, also would help if I didn’t wear a size 10W!! hehe… The front of the bag has lots of space for little stuff, and the sides have one large pocket and one small pocket and a large mesh pocket each. The inside of the main opening has one mesh pocket at the very top (I’ll keep my tshirt and bandanna in there) and a one large two smaller pockets in the flap.

The lit wheels were a little iffy for me, not really into attracting unnecessary attention, but they are actually really fun!! I like them! They have their own little generators inside that are charged up every time you roll them. No need for batteries!! The quad wheels are super neat for stairs. Though I don’t have stairs to test it on in my house, I do have drop down rooms that I have had no problem getting into and out. I’m very relieved that my back wont be strained anymore and that my gear is going to have a home that’s just oh so cozy! I plan on finding fun stickers/patches/pins to flair it up over the years… so watch out! 😀

If you are considering a new skate bag, look up the Zuca Sport. (priced at $150)

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  1. Mr.EsoTerror permalink
    February 17, 2011 8:53 am

    I think I found a hat for you…

  2. November 2, 2011 10:56 pm

    I love your Zuca bag review! I’ve been researching the Zuca bags for awhile now (still hesitant to drop $150 on a bag when I have way too many bags already….). I found your blog informative and persuasive! I’ve been eyeing the one at our rink (black frame w/ camo insert) but was concerned about what it would hold. Your pictures of the contents was what totally sold me on the product for derby! Thanks 😉 Sergeant SlamHer, Nor Cal Roller Girls, Chico CA

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