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New Year’s Resolutions- Derby Style

January 2, 2011

I’m really not one for new year’s resolutions. It isn’t that I can’t keep them, it’s more that I’m always trying to be the best version of myself. The new year is not any exception. I know I just sounded really conceited or whatever, but if you really know me, you know it’s true. This year, however, I’m going to document (on this blog) my goals for the year, and hope that you (yes, the one person that reads my blog) will keep me accountable.

Derby related goals… when I think of the new year and all the potential, it just wigs me out. I’m stoked!!! Last year at this time, I was one month into my change my life-lose weight-get fit-so I can play derby journey. I had NO IDEA how much derby would change my life. I’m ready to top my epic year with an epic-er year (yes, that’s a word. HUSH!).

Derby Related Resolutions (goals):

-Lose 20-25 more lbs by June (this will bring me down to my goal weight and optimum athletic body structure)

-Complete the Roller Derby Workout Challenge (got the DVD for Christmas! WHOOHOO!!)

-Learn backward crossovers (though I can skate backwards, the crossovers still elude me!)

-Master the can opener (chest block) -seek help from Wild Wookie aka wicked can opener master-

-Land bigger hits/Take bigger hits

-Learn to juke like a genie/ninja

-Skate 25 laps in 4 minutes (currently right at 5 minutes)

-Short-stride (sprint) for 2 min

-Complete at least 3 off skates/ 2 on skates workouts a week

-Attend RollerCon in July (and love every minute of it!)

-Be an asset to my league through team work, volunteering, and general awesomeness.

-Learn the WFTDA rules like the back of my hand… or should I say skate. hehe

-Be a guide and friend to all fresh meat throughout the year.

So, these are my goals… I know I can accomplish them all with some focus, determination, and accountability (yes, that’s your part!). So… I’m pumped, how about you?

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