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Saggy Pads

October 12, 2010

Ewww!! Right?! Yeah, saggy pads are not only really gross sounding, but completely ineffective in protecting your knees/elbows. Sure, you could whip out your duct tape every time you strap your saggy suckers on. You could even pretend your legs are sticks and strangle them by pulling your straps around twice.  You could buy new pads. I opt out. After talking to a derby friend, Mazzy Scar, I think I’ve got a solution that is not only easy and quick, but really super cheap!! This method probably works on all pads, however, for this post, I’ll be addressing the 187’s specifically.

First, figure out what you’d like your saggy straps to feel like. Measure by how much the strap is overlapping the Velcro. Now get a straight pin. Use that same measurement and apply it to where the strap comes out of the pad (beginning of the strap). Now pinch the excess and try to attach the Velcro. It may be a little too tight, let a little slack out. Replace your straight pin. Get your trusty sewing machine out or thread needle duo. (or go find your grandma/mom for you domestically challenged) Sew a straight line closest to where the pad/strap meet. Before you do, make sure you are leaving the extra strap material on the inside of the loop where it will be hidden when you secure the pads. (or not, if you want to start a really ugly fad) I went over it twice on straight stitch then twice over with a medium zig-zag. Optionally you can secure the extra flap material with a simple single stitch. You can use this extra elastic to dangle charms, special place for your mouth guard, or just ignore it.

Why not just cut it and re-sew it? Well, as my very clever friend, Mazzy, pointed out, you may not always own these pads. They may go to fresh meat some day, and they might need or want the extra elastic that they can gain by a simple unstitching. Congrats! In just under 5 minutes or so, (unless you are making your grandma do it) you have new fitting 187’s that will last a long time. If your pads ever need to be tightening again, just take out the stitching you did today, remeasure, and restitch.  🙂

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