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Villains vs Super Heros

October 11, 2010

The mash up bout hosted by Randall County Roller Dames (Amarillo,TX) was a huge success!!

I played on the Villains team. I had Hannibal Ector (Big Red), Two Face (Jane Bad-All), Harley Quinn (Jedi Mine-Trixx), and so many other great derby chicks on my team. We kicked some very serious booty! I’d like to attribute most of that to Big-Red and Judith. Big’s a TANK and Judith is a speedy agile Jammer. Big Red likes to play Pivot and rarely takes a break between jams. I’ve learned a lot from her, more so playing with her vs. against her. She understands the game, and sees everything! I know that kind of awareness probably comes from a lot of derby time on the rink, but boy do I wish they bottled it! It’s not a rare occurence to be physically thrown into an opposing jammer/blocker by Red. I envy her strength and attitude while bouting.

After a really challenging, but rewarding themed bout, we had the option to play in a Co-Ed mash up bout with the Dallas Deception boys. Although it scared the bajeezers out of me, I accepted the challenge. I’m so glad I did! It was the most fun I had had in a long time! These guys were just starting out at the time. It was a completely different game. Their strengths were speed, agility, and height. These boys knew how to skate! I still got a good hit or two in, but they could out maneuver the best of us. I learned that when you are jamming, come in quick, turn your body to make holes, and get out of dodge, quick! It worked for them, almost every time. Nin Japlease and Rhino were the two that stuck out as A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to me.

So much to learn from how guys approach this sport. If you ever have the chance to join in a jam with guys or watch, DO IT!

Big thanks goes out to Big-Red and the RCRD girls who put on a fun bout for us players and the fans. Never a dull moment at a derby game!

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