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Travel Team Psyche

October 11, 2010

Never been on the travel team before… of any sport really. Don’t think the varsity high school swim team really counts. What’s really taking me by surprise is the amount of pride that comes along with being part of an all-stars team. I’m not sure if it’s just bc I’m starting out or what, but I don’t have pride. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it. It’s just an alien concept for me. I do take pride in what I do, however to be prideful of a position or group is very strange for me. I must be in the minority. That being said, I’m sensitive to other’s pride. I’d like to keep up a good image/reputation for the sake of the ‘greater good’.

So how does this play into the travel team psyche?? Well, it has EVERYTHING to do with it. When you get on the track, you leave it all there. You finish what you started. If you are not doing your part you are failing the team, not just yourself. Now, that’s a lot of pressure, right?! Yeah. Roller derby is part mental, part athletic, part strategy. I’m lacking in all areas, but mostly mental. I over think things and find myself focusing too hard on one concept. This makes me a weak player, and over all undesirable for a team. What’s important for me to remember is: I’m just learning. I’m doing my best. I cannot just let go and let the game ‘happen’ if I dont know what’s supposed to happen. I also can’t get caught up in the possibility of failing my team. Failure or not, I must try my best, know that no matter what, I know I did MY BEST.

Another aspect to the mental part of the game is something I touched on in another post, knowing your worth and playing like it. So, in theory, like the bout where I played well because I KNEW I was better than some others, I should embrace my strengths. I know how to skate. I know how to hit. I have pretty good balance. Instead of going into a game thinking about all your faults and how to keep from exposing them to the opposing team, dwell on your strong points. Exploit them. I will have good form. I will hit hard. I will not fall unless Godzilla is delivering a death blow.

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