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Toe Guards… update and custom order

October 11, 2010

Earlier this year I blogged about making your own custom leather toe guards. I’ve really enjoyed my little monkeys but they need to be retired here soon. They were simple to make and held up VERY well considering the abuse derby players put on the toe part of the skate. The only issue I had with them, as with the Riedell toe guards, they slide from side to side and can wear your laces (to a breaking point) and also leave the very area you want to protect vulnerable. The later was a minor issue I fixed mostly by tightening the laces up front to have a better, tighter fit.

After realizing I should replace these little tired dirty monkeys, I started shopping… I planned to make my own again. I ran into Derby Vixen’s Esty store and liked what I saw. Then I found 13aby13itch on Esty. LOVE them! Her toe guards come all the way up also functioning as a lace cover of sorts. Her guards cover all three sides of the toe area and are constructed very well. She does custom work, so naturally I contacted her for my next set. I sent her a few pics of my custom helmet (that my bro Tim painted for me). She got back with me with a super fun design. She’s keeping me updated on the progress, I’ll keep posting pics as I get them. So excited to get these!!

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