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Pusher Foot

October 11, 2010

My pusher foot gets blisters on the inside ball of my foot, EVERY time I skate. I’m a little annoyed to say the least. The degree of the blister does fluctuate depending on the thickness of my sock (thicker is better) and the type of skating primarily done at practice. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that no one likes blisters. It certainly cramps my style to have them and wish there was an easy answer.

Here’s what I’ve tried, researched, and what doesn’t work:

-Wear thicker socks (works)

-Wear double socks, inner sock very thin (sometimes works?)

-Mole skin on the affected area BEFORE you skate (works if you can keep it in place)

-Petroleum Jelly on affected area before skating (haven’t tried that one)

-Remove the pebble from your skate… just checking if you are still reading on this one. 🙂

-Some marathon and cross-country runners swear that proper hydration and sodium intake is the key to warding off blisters. (not going to go order any salt tablets, but drinking more water is never a bad idea)

-If your feet don’t sweat excessively, tape your foot where the hot spot occurs. (this is my next plan)

As far as treating blisters, I found this advice on a runners website:

“At the recent AC 100 I had a rather large blister on the bottom of my foot. The blister had ruptured during the race at about 62 miles. I did my usual Spenco second skin and Adhesive Knit repair on trail and it served well until the end of the race. After the race my wife found a product called Spyroflex. Spyroflex , as the manufacturer claims, is a passive rubber membrane with intelligent adhesive. The idea behind this thing is that you apply the bandage directly on the injured area. The adhesive sticks to only the healthy skin and allows the damaged area to weep the exudate right through the bandage. The manufacturer claims you can wear the bandage up to 7 days without removal even while bathing or swimming! I have been favorably impressed with the product. It does everything the manufacturer claims. I even wore the bandage while in the Jacuzzi without it falling off. The blister I had, which was very inflamed and sore completely healed in one week. The package I got had five 2″ X 2″ square bandages and sold for $ 5.00 at the local Sav-On drug store. I did only limited running when I was wearing the bandage so I don’t know how they would hold up during a trail race. The most running I did was 6 miles on pavement and had no problem with the bandage coming off. The only down side is the bandages are extremely thin. I would guess only 2 to 3 mils thick so therefore they do not provide any cushioning effect like the Spenco Second Skin.”

I’m running to the store tomorrow to pick some of this fantastic stuff up. Who’s with me?!

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  1. Scarlett Go'Manson permalink
    October 15, 2010 5:10 pm

    I would swear we are derby sista’s from another mother…every post you write could be penned by me!

    Push foot…blisters…every…single…time…I…skate! HATE HATE HATE!

    I’ve tried every single thing I can think of.

    Duct tape directly to skin – adhesive reaction, even less fun than blister
    Athletic tape + pre wrap – enh…sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t depends on what we are doing or if I sweat too much
    Socks – yeah, I wear ’em – thick, thin, athletic, cute, coton, poly, all of them don’t cut it on their own
    ACE ankle/foot support – cut off my circulation
    Second skin – can’t keep it in place
    Mole skin – ditto
    Double socks – see socks above

    I’m about to my wits end and ready to invest big money into new boots to try and solve this problem. I’ve completely given up pedicures in an effort to build enough of a callus but it still ain’t cutting it.

    I’ve been told to pop them, I’ve been told to leave them alone, I’ve been told when they are blood blisters to pop them, I’ve been told when they are blood blisters to let them heal intact, I’ve been told clear fluid blisters will be fine – yet they hurt more than any of them.

    I really hate blisters – if you ever figure it out PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share your insight!

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