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Fundraising-a necessary evil

October 11, 2010

Fundraising-a necessary evil

What does your league do to keep your bank account in the black? We’re mostly self-sustaining, from what I can gather (I’m not on the BOD).  But just like any other league, we go through cycles with members retiring, injured, inactive, vacationing, pregnant. So to keep the league going, fund raising is a must. I have never really met anyone who enjoys fundrasing. I personally loathe it. It is necessary though. So, our league has been brainstorming, planning, and executing fundraising activities over the last few months. Here’s a run down of what we’ve done so far:

First we held a car wash. Great. But not just any car wash… nooo. We picked one of the busiest parts of town on the busiest day of the year, tax free weekend two days before school starts. We live in a relatively small town that is primarily populated young families. Jackpot! We did very well and all in all had a successful day. Car washes are really mostly about man power and posters. We advertised to our fans on FB and Myspace weeks ahead of time, and then on location had three posters strategically placed with cute derby chicks holding them. We had a local burrito joint allow us use of part of their parking lot for the dirty deed. Water, soap, buckets, sponges, towels, and lots of derby woman power, and whala- success!

Next we held a home mash-up bout at our skating rink (vs. city civic center). We invited a few other leagues that were starting up within a couple hour radius of us. We had one league commit to coming out and playing with us. The girls were seriously happy to have the bout experience and we put on a good show. The theme was beauty queens vs. Bad girls. We had a great time! We did not really make a profit. 😦 We did, however, break even. I still call it a success, because consequently, we did pick up a few freshies that enjoyed the bout.

Lastly, and most recently, PARTY!! We held a fundraiser/recruitment party at a local bar. Silent auction, games, prizes, live bands, and LOTS of derby luv. Everyone had an absolute fantastic time! We did recruit a few new girls that have come to practice several times since. I really hope the stick! This party was a lot of work for those involved and took input from all skaters to make it happen. Sadly, I was out of town until the party was half over, but the tail end of it was fun! I think this fundraiser was a great concept and should be a quarterly type of thing. Though I would recommend that the venue change at least every other time to reach as large a demographic as possible. Coffee shops, burger joints, wherever’s hopping. (JMHO)



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