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Derby News Network

October 11, 2010

Benefits of watching derby… well, duh! LOTS! Since it’s regionals time, I’ve been getting my fill of live derby action. It got me thinking… what’s the benefit? For one, its better than watching football. It sure beats doing chores. I also think it keeps me out of trouble?! Ok, for real. I’m learning TONS! Every team and every region has a different style or ‘air’ to them. It’s very interesting to see these come together.

The basic concept of DNN is to provide live web coverage of bouts around the country. Mostly these are video streaming (low quality) through their website. ( ) These are sometimes coupled or substituted with live textcast. I’m not a huge fan of the textcast, I’m more of a visual learner. Both methods are very popular and draw in huge crowds of derby fans throughout the world.

Derby is a highly competitive, contact sport that is very entertaining to watch. Just that alone is enough to get ESPN or other networks to pick it up, but for the fellow player, it’s very very very educational and energizing. When else can you see all of the top 40 leagues of the country (and Canada) compete with a suicide seating view? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Watch. You will not regret it.

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