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Beauty Queens vs. Bad Girls

October 11, 2010

Mash-up bouts are so much fun!! They are a fantastic way to get some more experience under your belt, have fun, and meet new peeps. I’ve found that there is a lot less pressure to perform when you don’t have your team’s name at stake… haha. ( Only cuz I suck. ) I love dressing up and think that it’s a lot of fun to just go out and play.

For this mash up bout we had a league that was starting up a couple hours away come play with us. We divided up into two teams and it worked out well. Our team, the beauty queens,  was (IMHO) weaker, but we all got lots of time on the track and had a great time losing. 🙂 Interestingly enough, I think I played better, knowing that I was among the more experienced players. That confidence allowed me to break through some mental barriers that I have built up. I hope I can tap into that when it actually counts…:eeks: I also experienced a really horrible thing that I hope to never experience again… I was a jammer, towards the beginning of the bout. I got out of the pack, ready to sprint around and then it happened… my legs turned into a cross between cement and slugs. I completely ran out of energy in that one little bit of time. What happened?! I’m still trying to figure it out. I think maybe I didn’t have enough time to warm up and my legs were in that place where they get before you are ‘primed’. How to fix it? No idea. I just really really really hope it never happens again!!

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