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Super Hero’s vs. Super Villains ROLLER DERBY at it’s finest!!

June 20, 2010

Attitude + Killer Threads = One Bad Monkey Chick

This coming Saturday in Amarillo, RC-RD is putting on an epic mash-up bout. There will be skaters from New Mexico, West Texas, East Texas, and Oklahoma skating all together in full costume! I’ve been assigned to the villains team. So what kind of villain should I be?? I’m just not quite sure. I looked up all the Marvel and DC comic female villains. It seems that if I had georgeous long wispy hair, I would have no trouble finding a perfect villain. Though, most are jewel theives or just not quite as quirky as I seem to think I am. I started looking outside the mainstream comic book characters for my choice. One thing you must know about me, is that I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan. I LOVE the dark crazy world he creates, it’s home for me. Jonny Depp is just an added bonus. 🙂 Naturally you will not be surprised to find out that I’ve chosen the lady we all love to hate or love to love… Queen of Hearts!!! I’m really thrilled to represent such a cooky queen for this special bout on Saturday!!

Ok, well, I picked my character.. now what? Oh yes, I need to look like a queen of hearts now. How? COSTUME TIME! I grew up not celebrating halloween. Saddness, I know. But not because it’s the devil’s holiday or whatever, but because to dress up, and become someone else in such totality that you can escape you’re own reality… is just priceless. I’ve always escaped reality in my mind, I’m weird like that. BUT, to get to do it out in the open? I JUMP on any opportunity to be someone else. 🙂 Back to the point… costume. I do not like to buy anything I can myself create. If you ever visit my house, you’ll find curtains I made, paintings on the wall I painted, blankets and stuffed animals in my kids beds that I stitched together, and bowls and pots I threw in my wheel and fired in my kiln. I’m not good at any of it really, but there is a sense of satisfaction in using or decorating with things that no one in the world has but you, and no one can recreate. (even if they do suck most the time! haha!)

Naturally, I took on the little challenge of creating my own costume. I looked up some pics online of queen of hearts… and didn’t

Dont mess with me, or it'll be your head!

really like any of them. I sat down and thought about exactly I wanted it to look like and then thought about functionality. I have to be able to skate, sweat, hit, fall, and boogie in this thing. Time to take the sharpie to paper. Yes, I draw in permanent, only because my first design is usually the best, no need to over think things. Then time to take a little trip to the fabric store. (Hobby Lobby) I found just about everything I had envisioned, but had to improvise with a couple prints. Now it’s time to sew! YAY! I started around 9pm and finished up at 3:30 am. I’m a little OCD in the sense that I must finish what I start without stopping or else it drives me crazy! I am by no means a good seamstress, just like I’m not good at any other particular thing, but I make up for it in enthusiasm…haha! I’ve found a few tricks over

Yes, you have a lovely head... can I have it?!

the years that make sewing a little easier for me, like, ironing my seams before I sew so I dont have a weird wavy or crooked hem line. Also I discovered iron on stitching.. not sure what its called, but it’s like tape that you place between fabric and iron it to crate a solid bond. It’s a great way to hem or pre hem tricky areas. I’ve also learned that patterns are for wusses. I have an initial sketch, then I just jump in and create. Ok, I would drive any one who likes processes, rules, and guide books totally mad, but it’s the way of the sock monkey. 🙂

Fast-forward to last night. I asked my hubby if he’d take some pics of me in full makeup and costume for the blog and fb. He of course obliged (or off with his head!). We had a little bit of a tricky time trying to figure out where to take pics so that it didnt look lame. Our kids were asleep, so it had to be in or around our house somehow. A few hours later, we had a fun little collection of photos to share. Enjoy!! (And seriously, you can keep your head this time hubby!)

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