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How to- Monkey Toe Guards

May 6, 2010

Finished (but still drying) monkey toe guard

Q: What’s a toe guard?

A: A toe guard is a strip of leather attached to a roller skate’s front for protection against damage. Toe guards are usually solid colored and are attached to the toe stop and laces.

How to make a custom toe guard?

Supply list:

basic toe guard



-heavy duty scissors


-butcher knife

-old toe guard

-leather cement (found at most craft stores

Make a pattern

First, decide on a design. Draw it out to get an idea of what you’d like it to look like. Take your paper and pen and trace your old toe

Lay out your pieces

guard (apx 6in x 2.5in) to make a pattern. Mark the openings for securing the toe guard to skate. Cut out your pattern. Place pattern over desired leather. Trace. Cut it out with heavy duty scissors. For the openings, I used a big sharp butcher knife, folding the leather and slicing into it until you have reached the desired size of opening. For the toe stop opening, I had most success cutting an X shape then pushing the toe stop through to ensure it was large enough.

If you’d like to ‘decorate’ your toe guard, first create a pattern for all the shapes/pieces needed. Then transfer the shapes over to the desired leather. Cut it out. Use the leather cement or glue to bond the leather pieces together. Keep pressure on the pieces to ensure a strong bond. Let dry for a couple hours. The leather cement should leave the leather flexible and playable.

I’m not sure if this will stay together, or function in the appropriate manner, I’ll post an update after a few practices. 🙂

Let it dry

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