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Knees… gotta love ’em!

May 4, 2010

My apologies for the blog absence. I got a little discouraged for a week or so.

Here’s the story:

Last Tuesday I was slotted to take my skills test. A skills test is two part with a written exam and an on skates skills test. The written exam consists of rules of the game, ref signals, and basic derby know how. The on skates test consists of endurance, agility, and skills (blocking, cutting the track, taking a hit).

Tuesday was also the day I had volunteered to go on a field trip with my daughter’s class. She really wanted me to go with her since it was a trip to the skating rink. We had a fantastic time, until it was time to go. Then I fell… good roller derby girl that I am, I fell right on my knee like I’ve been training myself to fall. The problem lied in me not wearing knee pads and jeans with a tear right at the knee. SO… not only did I fall with all my weight right on my knee (w/o pad) but my holy jeans kept me from sliding. I had to contact the league president and postpone my test. My knee was really swollen and I could not bend or put weight on it. My treatment regimen consisted of ice, elevation, advil, and then a knee gasket. After two days of staying off the knee, I felt much better.

I was offered  a make up day on Sunday. This test was to be different than the usual, however. Sunday was the league wide ‘A’ team try outs. I was allowed to ‘try out’ and show my skills in action in a scrimmaging environment. I’d heard it was better to test this way, because you are not as singled out, and do a lot of the skills more naturally. This proved to be true. I played just about every other jam throughout the try outs. I jammed twice, played blocker 2 once, blocker 4 twice, and blocker 3 twice. Because of the particular formation/game plan we were playing out, I enjoyed blocker 3 the most. I didn’t injure myself much this time, though I did get a crazy scrape from the wall from one jam. I was whipped then hit out of bounds, I couldn’t seem to stop quick enough and just grazed the wall with my right upper arm. One section of the wall was pulled open a little, that’s what snagged me.  All in all I had a fantastic time, as I do every time I strap on skates. I thought I did well, but then came the waiting.

Fortunately I did not have to wait too long! Today the rankings came out. I DID pass my test, also I made 6th alternate for the travel team!!! YAY! I know I will only get better from here on out, I just need to keep working out and skate 3 times a week. I’m excited to see what my legs can do in 6 months. Our travel team is very much trying to get in better shape. I’ve benefited from their new endurance and speed training. I’ll have to list some of my favorite on/off skate training soon.

For now, I’m super stoked that I’m actually on the Rumble Weeds team!! 🙂

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