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Off Track

April 22, 2010

I was sitting here on my bum… thinking. (yes, it happens sometimes)

I’ve not skated since Saturday! YIKES! That’s the longest I’ve gone between skating practice. I’m not sure if I’ll feel totally out of it at practice tonight, or feel refreshed and renewed. It got me thinking (again, yes it happens sometimes), that I should start implementing an off track work out again. When I first started back in Feb, on non-practice days I went to the tiny but adequate gym in my neighborhood for 20 min cardio and 10 min strength work out. What happened to that?

If you’ve read my ‘who’s sock monkey’ page on this blog, you’ve seen that I got on a serious diet back in Dec to get fit for roller derby. I think its time to elaborate on that. Back in Dec I started a diet plan called Medifast. It regulates the amount of calories/carbs/sugars you ingest on a daily basis. The plan consists of 5 of the pre-packaged meals and 1 ‘lean and green’ meal per day. Supplement this with tons of water and diet drinks, and just like that your body goes into a ‘state of ketosis’. Ketosis basically is a crazy place your body goes when it’s deprived of sugar and carbs to convert into energy. Your body starts attacking and using those oh so wonderful fat stores already in your body to break down into energy for your body to use as fuel. It’s genius. It works. It was not difficult, though I thought it would be b/c I’m super picky. I just picked all the chocolaty options and now I’m 43 lbs lighter. Problems did come up a month or two ago. I stopped losing weight! I kept on with the diet… until I went a little crazy one day wondering ‘what am I doing? eating this soy crap and not losing any more weight? arraaggghhhhwoihe;ovun;eoiun!!!!’ <- that is actually verbatim!

So, because I am a resourceful person, and rather persistent, I contacted a nutritionist that works with Medifast. I explained my situation with the weight loss plateau, caloric intake, and exercise regimen. In response, she said apparently, I’m working out too much for the amount of calories I take in. She suggested that I cut down my exercise and up my calories a bit. I followed her advice and lost another 3 lbs. Now I feel like, though I have 19 lbs to lose till my goal weight is met, I am not working out enough to keep in the shape I want to be in. I guess my thinking is that if I incorporate a little strength and cardio training on non skate days, I’ll get that much better, that much quicker at roller derby. Impatient? YUP! I’m pushing my body a lot. I get that I’ve come a LOOONNNGG way in just a few short months, however, I also want so much more for myself.

My solution to the above mentioned issues is, I’m going to do a modified mini- workout.

This is my plan:

Sunday– Skate 2 hours

Monday– 50 crunches/50 push-ups

Tuesday– Skate 2 hours

Wednesday– 50 squats/10 minutes of kettle bell

Thursday– Skate 2 hours

Friday– 20 min jog

Saturday– no workout

I’m going to start this new and improved workout plan starting today (skate day). I’ll post a weekly update to share what works or doesn’t. I also plan to up my caloric intake from 600C to 1,000C to stay ketosis.

All this talk about weight/calories/exercise gets me thinking… (uh huh!) What are my actual goals here? Why am I doing this? When is enough, enough?Let’s list some goals. I do love lists. 🙂


Meet my ultimate weight goal by June (19lbs to go)

Increase my endurance on skates (25 laps in under 5 minutes)

Improve my balance and agility on skates

Strengthen my legs and core to enable me to do wicked roller derby moves

Now that THAT’s out of the way… I’m ready to get going, wish me luck!!!

If you are interested in Medifast, losing weight, or my journey, shoot me an email at I’m happy to encourage others to realize their dreams! 😀

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