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SPS- A Unit of Measurment

April 20, 2010

SPS– or better known as Stinky Pad Stench is an actual unit of measurement used to gauge the air quality index surrounding any roller derby chick within a given radius. I would have to rate myself as a Zero on most days. I take great care of my personal pads laying them out after use in front of my super awesome air purifier. I let ozone do its job, and bada-bing-bada-boom my pads smell like fresh rain storm every time I use them. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a super stink zapper, though. What’s a girl to do?

Two choices:

Option #1 – keep your SPS rating high, use it as a secret weapon… just think, no actual physical contact needed. All you need to do is flap your arms like a chicken and when your opponent gets a whiff of your 10+SPS, you’ve got a magicly vacated track!! YAY! ….. no? ok, me neither.

Option # 2- WASH YOUR PADS!! Sounds logical, right? But have you actually seen these suckers? They have plastic, foam, elastic, velcro, and straps, so, you cant just throw them in the washer, can you?!

YES, and no. According to a nifty youtube video I recently saw about a guy washing his 187’s, if you remove the plastic plates (if removable) all you need to do is wrap the velcro straps backwards and attach them so that there is no loose hook and loop tape exposed. This youtube guy also suggested that the pads be washed on COLD with normal detergent on a normal cycle. It IS recommended that towels and other linty type fabrics be saved for another load, instead throw some jeans in (come on, we all know those are getting stinky too!). Once the pads have been washed, hang dry or let them sit in a dry or sunny place. Replace the plastic plates, and just like that your SPS has been reset to ZERO.

SO…unless you want to inherit the derby name Stink Bomb, wash your pads, and level the playing field.

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