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Old Skates? What should I do with them?

April 20, 2010

"Radford" has a retro View-Master for a head and an antique English tin for a body. A roller skate, faucet, valve, and tongs make up the rest of the piece. Click on the image above to see more of Will Wagenaar's work. (Credit: Will Wagenaar)

So you have old skates? This guy has the right idea! My other ❤ love ❤ is robots… move over WALL-E, skating robot with a viewmaster head is in the house!


Florida-based artist Will Wagenaar is obsessed with junk. He constantly scours yard sales and flea markets for discarded objects that he transforms into playful creations. Wagenaar’s robot sculptures, all recycled and bolted together, seem at once antique and futuristic.

“My inspiration comes from the materials themselves and the linkage of objects,” Wagenaar says. “The human condition is also my inspiration. I use robots to illuminate all the problems, predicaments, and personalities of real people.”

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