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No Blood – No Foul? Not in Roller Derby!!

April 15, 2010

No Blood, No Foul.... not in Roller Derby!

So you think you are tough?

Don’t mind a bruise or two?

How about a little blood?

Ok, so derby girls don’t really bleed a lot, or at least not more than any other all girl contact sport. (are there any others?) Pain is part of derby. Get over it. You will have sore muscles, bruises in all sorts of weird places, cuts, scrapes, rink rash, and some times a broken or dislocated bone. The great part about it, is that the adrenaline and general rush derby offers, makes it all well worth it! Most of us keep a photo record of our ‘badges of honor’ or injuries. 😛

It is important to take care of your injuries, however. First aid kits, instant ice packs, and icy hot roll on muscle relaxers are part of any gal’s gear bag. It doesn’t hurt to have someone on your team, or better, yourself trained in first aid for the first responder.

Take a knee… grab your first aid pack, and get back on the track.

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